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This beautiful luxury highlighter powder will give you THE BEST GLOW! When making this highlighter, I wanted to create a line that has the most shimmer! I also wanted makeup artists, makeup lovers and consumers to be able to have access to these gorgeous highlights. My pressed and loose highlights are multi-purposed. You can use it on your lid (most colors) , on your cheek, on your lips, in your foundation, in your lotion or of course as a highlight on your face, nose and above the lip (cupids bow). There are tons of beautiful shades that are made for EVERY SKIN TONE!┬áSnag a few shades, or get the entire collection. You won’t be disappointed!


I grew up adoring all things beauty!! Makeup is my passion. In my early years of working as a Professional Makeup Artist, I also worked at a Pharmacy . I studied Pre-Pharm in College. I always dreamed of being a Compounding Pharmacist. I know right… makeup and a pharmacist? Two completely different worlds – I thought so too, until now! After 15 years of dedicating myself to all things makeup, I decided to combine my two dreams by custom blending my very own makeup line of highlighters! I am so excited to share with you my Makeup Madame Highlighters. Highlighters in custom shades to fit any and every skin tone. These highlighters will make you feel and look so glamorous. This collection is versatile, most can be used on the eyes, cheeks, lips, face and all over the body!

As a makeup artist, it is my mission to make you look and feel your most beautiful self – I am dedicated to making that happen. Let Makeup Madame Highlighters be the highlight in your life!


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